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Mood Improvement With Flooring One Interlocking Tile At a Time

ByAllen Czermak


We could be living in a black and white world, but the good hearted one above chose to gift us an infinite number of colors, shades, and textures to feast our eyes on. Ask any artist that believes in a creator and they will be quick to let you know that as hard as they try, they cannot capture the exact colors of nature.

Some artists will look at the world’s colors abstractly and others will try to capture hues as authentically as they can. Van Gogh used bold colors while Claude Monet used softer ones, each one creating color in their individual way. When shopping for flooring you too can be an artist of sorts. How about being creative with your lock floor tiles patterns? They are not permanent and can always be replaced one tile at a time.

Color is emotional as it stirs up different moods in people. There are the standard descriptions of color shades such as cool and warm, regal, and sporty, flashy, and soft and many other adjectives. Coffee shops, restaurants and hotels often hire decorators who are mood specialists to emphasize different aspects of a client’s psyche to come up with the right decorating themes for their particular venue. Let’s see how creative and adventurous we can be for the different locations and rooms in your house.

Dark and Light Combinations

Most classic decorating themes combine light and dark colors. For example, an elegant and sleek combo is black and white tiles. Both would be considered more on the cool side of the spectrum as the combination evokes a sterile and frosty feeling. Black and white tile combinations have been around forever, and they always seem to work. If you decide to go with a black and white locking tile color scheme you have a blank palette for any and every color to decorate the room. This blend can be used in any type of venue from a formal entryway to a children’s playroom.

In a more formal area, the black and white pair will be a perfect backdrop for some French furniture pieces to offset the starkness of the floor. The balance of the crisp floor tiles and the warm French furniture pieces make a perfect pairing.

Decorating the Playroom With PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

A playroom tends to have many different objects of many different colors. If the floor is colorful, the homeowner will innately want to remove as many toys as possible, bikes, crayons and other colorful paraphernalia and put them in bins and closets. On the other hand, if you have a monochromatic floor, such as sold white, black, orange, etc., you will need some points of interest in the room such as bikes, rocking horses, some colorful dolls and sports equipment. The room will look less messy with a solid floor.

When the floor interlocking tiles is the star of the show you do not want too much else to distract from it. A patriotic color trio of red, white, and blue is lively yet not too flashy to the eyes. White shiny Formica furniture as in study desks, arts and crafts areas, and a white leather textured sofa would be perfect additions to your play zone. Maybe you could extend the navy tile color to the moldings of the room. I would paint the room shiny white as well and the red color could be picked up in some smaller movable pieces. A good decorating rule that is always timely is keep the brightest and flashiest colors for the backdrop with pieces that can always be changed if you’ve had enough. Of the more conservative group? Omit the red interlocking tiles and stick to the navy and white and just use the red for the accents while still maintaining your patriotic fervor.

Another amazing combination of colors for a playroom or basement are orange and purple. This duo is practical for children of both genders. The boy’s side can be done with orange accents and the girls side with purple ones. There are stunning prints with orange and purple hues that would surely give a bang to a large room and bring some warmth as a bonus.

Can Locking Floor Tiles Be Laid In An Ombre Motif?

Ombre clothing, ombre hair, can ombre locking floor tiles be next? Absolutely they can and are the latest trend in flooring and all types of tiles. It would be more applicable to use the less commercial and smaller resilia tiles for such a project. What is great about the ombre motif is that anything goes.

You and your husband are discussing whether to make your joint office in a bright warm orange tone or in a more neutral subdued grey. Your opinion is that grey is so drab and depressing while your husband claims he would not be able to sit in the office for more than five minutes until he explodes in an orange tiled room. How do you compromise as your marriage counselor instructed you?

Ombre locking floor tiles are a peace treaty for a volatile yet loving couple who must share an office in these trying times. Instead of calling the floor orange, call it a sunset-hued gradient. Start with fruity orange tiles on your side of the room (the wife’s). Next use a brownish, orange color tile. After that place, a large space of very pale quiet orange tiles until your husband’s desk. Warm and comforting terra cotta shades will complete this individual and all-embracing new and revolutionary look. Hope it works for you.

If your husband is still insisting on grey, we have a wonderful merger for you both. Start your pattern with black tiles, continue with dark grey, medium grey, soft white and then grey-white. It will be interesting, yet elegant and will keep your husband in the coolest mood.

Let us just give one more ombre example that is also in the cool hues yet warms up with some darker tiles and that is blue ombre. Begin with navy tiles, then bright blue, light blue, and grey blue. There is an infinite amount of color blends that can be developed. If the locking floor tiles are not stocked in the colors of your choice, they can be custom ordered.

Are You the Outdoorsy Type?

People who love nature, hiking, camping and just sitting on soft grass would appreciate a floor that mimics nature. While some homeowners would balk at a grass green floor, outdoorsmen would feel right at home. Green is a warm tone and evokes a vacation and relaxation mood. Colors of your favorite flowers such as yellows and oranges would keep within the outdoor theme. Use tiny flower patterns as backdrops for curtains or shades, tablecloths in a dinette or kitchen. On a rainy or snowy day you would really appreciate this color tile.

Are You In a Good Mood?

Some believe we are living in such stressful times. With the pandemic easing up in some countries such as ours, there is hope on the horizon. Other civilized countries such as Canada and Denmark are still in a standstill due to lack of vaccines. They are sadly pretty much where our country was at this time last year.

There are some basic comforting and supporting approaches that we can implement to not only help our families cope but to thrive. There are the basic tenets of life that always hold true no matter if it’s wartime, peacetime, pandemic or just plain life in general. If we hold on to the same old-fashioned values, we will succeed in keeping our families close and feeling safe. It could be so simple.

Have a home cooked meal waiting when the family comes home from school or work. It’s very hard when both parents are working but there are some very efficient times saving devices out there such as crock pots or slow cookers, the Betty Crocker Pizza maker which doubles as a broiler, omelet and pancake maker. There are also some easy tricks to keep the house smelling homey such as sprinkling some cinnamon in the oven before turning it on.

Make your home decor warm and inviting. This does not mean that you must spend a lot of money on expensive furniture. These types of purchases often have the opposite do not touch affect. Cute pillows that say I love you, welcome home and other loving expressions thrown on the sofa give warmth to a home.

Keep your flooring safe, clean and worry free. Tiles such as locking floor tiles assure a safe, and easy to clean environment for people of all ages including children. A nice clean and cozy atmosphere will liven and lift the mood of family members who have had a hard day at the office or school. No yelling or screaming when something spills since these tiles are a breeze to wipe and keep clean. Nobody can guarantee that all will be rosy but with some natural mood improving features and lots of love, our families will thrive and look toward a better tomorrow.

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