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Have Fun With Interlocking Floor Tiles To Decorate Your Teen’s Room

ByAllen Czermak


I remember when my teen girlfriend was lucky enough to have her own room and her mom surprised her with a new carpet and bedspread. In case you people are not old enough to know the meaning of the word, bedspread, I will be happy to explain. Nowadays sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are center stage in a bed’s décor. From solids to prints to florals or cartoon characters the choices are endless. However, when I was a teen, the emphasis was on the bedspread which was usually made from a strong heavy duty decorative fabric known for both its beauty and durability. The bedding underneath it was inconspicuously unimportant.

I will never forget how my friend called me in tears to come over and see the “square” new room her mom decorated. The word square at that time denoted the opposite of cool. I ran over immediately to check on what she was agonizing over and to my surprise I actually liked the carpet. It was a flat type with tight stripes of different hues of mostly bright pinks, giving it a lively yet feminine look. As we discussed her disappointment at length it turned out that she revealed to me that it wasn’t so much the look of the carpet but the fact that she had not been consulted and that her opinion was worth zero to her mom. So much for surprising your teen.

Today no teen boy or girl would desire a room in pink. Even baby girls are seldom dressed in pink these days but rather in neutrals such as camel and grey. Today floors are more practical than carpets as well and are so versatile. Take for example, interlocking floor tiles. They come in such a great assortment of colors that your teen will have a ball choosing her floor. In fact, she might actually ask you for advice.

As we always recommend, it’s wise to decorate from the floor up. That is usually your most expensive decorative item besides the furniture. Sheets and pillowcases and even paint colors can be switched more easily than a floor. By the way, interlocking floor tiles are not hard to switch but why would you when they are so long lasting and durable?

Teenage Girls Floor Preferences

Let’s say that you and your teen daughter have decided on some type of vinyl tiling for her room. It could be interlocking floor tiles or some other vinyl tile.  interlocking floor tiles have the distinct advantage of not requiring gluing which makes them easier to remove should your daughter change her color preference or maybe move out to go to college and your next child moves into her room.

What would be the best color for your teenage girl’s bedroom? You would have to ask her and be ready to be surprised with her answer. Sometimes a mother does not really know her daughter’s taste and decorating her room is a good way to understand who she is. I’m sure if you have a normal teen daughter – mother relationship you could have had a disagreement in the mall about an item of clothing that she wanted, and you didn’t like. What better place to have your daughter’s creative streak show through than in her own room which only her family and friends will probably ever see?

Your daughter may have a favorite cartoon character or rock star that she idolizes. Surprisingly, this is a great place to begin your adventure. Let her pick a large poster and pick up some of those colors in the flooring. She may be a social butterfly and prefers to have her favorite picture with her friends blown up to poster size. Check out those colors with her. Some girls are secretly in love with their own family, especially with younger siblings and would appreciate a family picture blowup. Ask her what her preference would be and give her choices. It’s too overwhelming for a teen to have an abundance of choices yet they still want to feel as if they are in charge.

Is your teenager a budding artist? She might not be embarrassed to display her artwork in her room. Take the floor colors from her artwork since they may well be her favorite shades. Don’t be startled if your teen wants to go monochromatic. I was like that as a teen. I remember I asked my mom if I could decorate my room in black and white. I’m not sure she really approved of that starkness fifty years ago. But she was quite understanding and went along with me. We found a black and white plaid wall to wall carpet and worked from there up. The walls were painted stark white with a few black shelves hanging in a corner. My Mom traveled far into the city with me to a cool lighting fixture store. There I found exactly what I liked, a round globe in a large black and white check. This was my haven; this was my comfort zone. This is where I did my homework and entertained friends and eventually went to sleep.

As we explained previously, vinyl tile is a more practical choice today for a teen’s room. It would have been so easy today to decorate my old black and white room with black and white interlocking floor tiles. Your teen today may have different ideas. In fact, she may decide that she wants all the colors in a haphazard arrangement. Please don’t panic, it might look different but great as well.

What About the Boys?

Every man needs his man cave, and your teenage son is no different. You don’t want him hanging out in streets or other unsupervised venues so why not make his room the gathering place for his friends? There will have to be some compromises since there is a good chance, he will keep his room messy but there can be such a thing as chic and messy.

A teenage boy may have no clue as to how he wants his room decorated. This is a perfect opportunity to find out more about your son. Is he interested in books or old movies? Maybe he’s a secret nostalgia buff? You will never know until you spend time together decorating. Sometimes you can discover who he is and what he likes when he tells you only what he does not like. You may have to ask him many questions until you get the positive answer you are waiting for and then you will feel like you discovered a new world.

If it is within your budget, you can purchase a wallpaper mural for the wall behind the bed with a picture of a favorite hobby of your teen boy. He might like kayaking, karate or simply baseball or hockey. Boys especially will benefit from the freedom of choice in decorating their cave. You can give them a budget and let them have free reign. Remember paint is temporary and can always be changed.

Some teen guys may prefer a street-art style mural in their bedroom. Hidden storage crates under the bed are a great way to clean up in a jiffy never minding the mess in the crates. At least they will be hidden for the time being. As far as bedding, Amazon has amazing buys on unique bedding sets for kids and teens. You may like all cotton or sateen, but your teenage son will not mind a poly fabric if it has his favorite team plastered all over it.

Do you know if there is anything that your teen is passionate about? A discussion about décor will open a Pandora’s box of emotions and expressions if you handle it right. Although you might not want a set of drums in his room, if your son is musical, you can be creative with vinyl tiles and create a rough design which hints at the instrument or instruments, he loves. If your budget allows and you are using large tiles such as interlocking floor tiles you may be able to have one or two large tiles custom made in your teen’s favorite instruments. Designer Elaine Penhaul advises, “When it comes to teenagers, it’s key to let them personalize their room so they feel like they have their own space. Allow them to incorporate any hobbies and interests they might have even it means hanging weird and wonderful items from the ceiling.”

Final Words

The teenage years can be challenging for both parents and their teens. Many have very little in common and live-in parallel universes. Some fathers are lucky enough to enjoy a common sport whether it’s actually participating together or going out to a ball game together just the two of you. A mother and daughter can bond in the kitchen enjoying making and baking sourdough which is the latest rage and craze among women. The main idea is to find some common ground together and this may well be as simple as decorating a teen’s room which is their castle or cave. A teen may open up if you play it smart and the room remodel will become something much more sacred than just choosing interlocking floor tiles and some other floor coverings. Your time together can become elevated and meaningful with memories that will be yours forever long after they have left your home.

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