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Four Excellent Garage Flooring Options

ByAllen Czermak


The spring is just about here and homeowners are getting ready to plan out their next DIY project. Some choose to work on the exterior of their home while others choose to work on the interior of their home. Either one, people are excited for the warmer weather and they want their homes to reflect that.

One of the DIY projects towards the top of the list is doing over the garage. For some reason the garage earned the famous household quote of “Just put it in the garage”. Well all that stuff that gets put into the garage accumulates and you’re left with a mess of both useful and clutterful items. At the same time it gets dirty very easily since it’s open to the outside and not cleaned on a regular basis. 

Now that the spring has arrived homeowners would like to take advantage and do a partial or complete makeover. Garage makeovers can be done very economically and still look very nice and each person will choose to focus on what they feel is most important. Some will focus on the appearance and paint the ceiling and walls while others will focus on adding some type of workstation, gaming area, or gym. Whatever you choose there is one thing that will complete the look of a really nice garage makeover and that is the flooring. 

We will review five excellent garage flooring options to perfect the look for your newly renovated space. There are quite a few options out there from painting to tiling and you can decide what will look best. At the same time, if you wish to leave your garage floor bare that’s also an option. Each DIY garage makeover is unique and no one floor fits all. Keep in mind that with investing in garage flooring you accomplish creating a truly functional additional room and increase release value for your home. So let’s get started.

Option # 1 – Garage Floor Paint

This is by far the most affordable option which focuses more on aesthetics rather than longevity and durability. Painting is a great way to upgrade the look of your floor. Make sure that you thoroughly sweep your garage floor with an industrial broom and try to get rid of as much dust as possible. Sometimes you might need to go over it a few times and use a leaf blower to get out the leftover dirt that rests in the cracks and corners. The point is to try and get the floor as clean as possible in order for the paint to bond itself to the concrete. Two of the most popular types of paint are acrylic and epoxy. Out of the two, epoxy will provide more protection against stains and grease but will be a little more expensive than acrylic paint. Once your floor is clean it’s recommended to put down a layer of concrete primer coat in order for the paint to bond better.

PROSThe main pros are the low cost of a few cans of paint and an appealing presence that can complete your garage makeover.

CONS The paint may chip or fade away from weathering and will need to be replaced at a later date.

LOOKOUT! Lookout for cracks and grease stains that can hamper how the paint bonds to the concrete flooring.

Option # 2 – Epoxy Coatings

The epoxy coating is the flooring option that is found in many car dealership showrooms and professional garages. Epoxy is a tough coating that provides protection against dust, dirt, stains, and water, and cleaning it is super easy. Many people will find the glossy appearance appealing which is why it’s the primary choice for luxury car dealerships across the globe. Epoxy coating for your garage provides excellent durability and protects against chemical spills that are quite a common occurrence when working in your garage. At the same time, there is no concern that the glossy finish will make it slippery as the water based coating contains an anti-slip solution that will keep you grounded while walking on its surface.    

What Is The Difference Between Epoxy Coating & Epoxy Paint?

The main distinction between the two epoxies is that the coatings cure as opposed to the paint dries. Just to put things into perspective, one who puts down a layer of paint can scrape away at it to reveal the concrete surface which is not the case with an epoxy coating. The epoxy coating will formulate a brand new highly durable surface that looks sleek and is long lasting. Numerous chemical reactions take place as the epoxy bonds with the concrete. The chemical make up for an epoxy coating is also very different and contains epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. The two chemicals will need to be mixed prior to applying and the concrete will need to be treated to be ready for the epoxy coating. All this plays a role in giving it that amazing glossy finish that can pretty much handle any traffic from chemical spills to automobiles without chipping or fading.      

PROSThe look you will get from an epoxy coating on your garage floor is the same as the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Manhattan, NY. Its appearance is by far the most attractive from any garage flooring option. In fact, the epoxy coating is so shiny that you can go ahead and take your morning shave by looking straight at it.

CONSThe pre-treatment is vital as to how the epoxy coating will bond and usually will require a professional flooring expert that will increase the cost of this application. This is not to say that homeowners can’t install it by themselves, it just seems a bit complex and hiring someone might work to your advantage.

LOOKOUT! Once the polyamine hardener and epoxy resin are mixed you have just two hours to apply the application. There are a lot of chemical reactions going on and you don’t want to miss this. 

Option # 3 – Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are made up of plastic and are connected with a unique interlocking system that makes for easy installation. It comes in a large variety of colors that allows for both residential and commercial garage owners to get creative with their flooring layout. The PVC interlocking floor tiles are sold in packs and the amount of square footage you would like to cover will determine the cost for such flooring. In addition, it is durable and can provide added protection when either a person or expensive equipment falls onto the garage floor. Rubber floor tiles for your garage are highly durable and super easy to clean. The PVC interlocking floor tiles come in four types of surfaces that include diamond scoring, raised coin, smooth, and ribbed. The coin surface is by far the most popular and provides extra traction just in case if there happens to be some moisture on the top of the tiles. 

PROS Real easy to install and can be done by most homeowners. Neat patterns can be made of the tiles from its vast variety of colors available. Interlocking rubber tiles are also slip resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

CONS In order to lay down the tile flush against a wall or pole there may be some precise cutting that will be required with a razor or straight edge knife. It would be worth ordering extra tiles  just in case if the cuts are not done right on the first time.

LOOKOUT!Moisture may seep through the interlocking system and get underneath the tile. If this happens the tiles should be removed in order for the moisture to be wiped up.

Option # 4 – Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats are made of rubber with a material like or plastic finish and can be easily rolled out to finish your garage makeover. These mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used beneath a workstation or are even big enough for an automobile. Installation is rather easy as all one needs to do is roll it out. Many homeowners will use these on top of one of the garage flooring options mentioned above that can protect the flooring against dirt, chemicals, and weather related elements. A garage floor mat will come in real handy when pulling into your garage during a big snow storm not allowing the ice and snow from your vehicle to get on to the garage flooring. 

PROS The cost for even the biggest size garage mat is rather inexpensive and can be rolled out in under a minute. It provides an extra layer of protection against any weather related elements. 

CONS Being that it’s not actually attached to the garage floor it can easily slip from the laying area and gather which can be a little frustrating for homeowners.

LOOKOUT! After the snow melts off of your vehicle a puddle of water will gather beneath it. If your home is not insulated the water may ice up overnight and become a hazard to walk on. Also when storing the mat always make sure that it’s completely dry to avoid any mold buildup.  

Final Words

Whatever garage flooring option you choose keep in mind that it needs to be cared for. Homeowners that care for their garage floor will see longevity in its lifespan. Like with any flooring in your home, if you treat in nicely it will look appealing. Always remember that your garage floor can make or break your next garage makeover.

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