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Flooring Ideas For PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

ByAllen Czermak


Finally you have decided to redo the garage. It took many years of rearranging items that have not been used for years but at last you have come to the realization that you might never use these items again. True, men will have a hard time making away with their old wooden tennis rackets and heavy aluminum skis but showing them some nice garage makeovers might just do the trick. Gradually all the bulky items will begin to disappear and the vision of redoing your garage becomes clearer and clearer by the day. Then comes the treadmill that is just sitting there collecting dust. It wasn’t even used once during your coronavirus quarantine ever since you upgraded to a peloton bike. If you can’t find anyone to take these items, put them up for sale on Craigslist, you may just get a couple hundred dollars for it. The last resort is for you to take all these items to the local garbage dump and deposit them there. Be empathetic to the men because it’s hard for them to separate from their very important junk.

Once the room is clear it’s now time to begin putting your plan into play. You might have a man cave, play room, bar, gym, or organization station in mind. Whatever is going to be you are still going to need flooring to upgrade the coarse cement foundation floor. Flooring in general can be expensive and most homeowners want to keep room makeovers within a budget. That’s where interlocking PVC floor tiles come into the picture. These tiles are highly durable and come in an array of styles and colors that can fit any home makeover. We are going to review some ideas where interlocking rubber floor tiles can be used in place of expensive flooring. Such a flooring solution is not just more economical but it’s actually an aesthetic upgrade. 

What Are Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles Made From?

Whether you’re looking for floor tiles for a gym or practically any home makeover, it’s good to know that PVC interlocking floor tiles are made from 100% recyclable plastic. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 910,000 tons of PVC waste are generated annually. Surprisingly, only just 1% of this waste is recycled and recreated into new plastics. Fortunately, waterproof interlocking floor tiles are one of these products that can be made from recycled PVC. 

However, not all rubber floor tiles are made the same. As a matter of fact, some tiles  are made overseas and the manufacturer will mix into the molten compound other ingredients that will downgrade the quality of the plastic tiles. If you want to be certain that the quality is not compromised, try and get your hands on a interlocking rubber floor tile free sample. Then try and rip off the teeth of the tile. If it rips or gets damaged, then the quality of the tile most likely has some cheap additive. This is a good litmus test before you get stuck with many square feet of these so called PVC floor tiles. 

What Type Of Styles Do Lock Floor Tiles Come In?

One of the benefits of being made from PVC is the wide array of styles that can be made via plastic molds. Before the material hardens, it’s in a hot molten liquid form. At that point, any color can be added to the mix and any molding template can be used. This gives rubber interlocking tile manufacturers the flexibility to get really creative and produce plastic tiles that look chic and exquisite, each depending on the setting. For example, the tiles for a home game room might have more of a fun smooth look while a car dealership might want a more rugged look. For each individual venue, the designer  can pretty much create whatever the customer has in mind. In addition to that, there are many floor finishes available to provide that perfect coat to complete the makeover. 

For shops or homeowners who want their name added to the set of floor tiles there are currently two options offered. The first option is to have the logo or brand name screen printed onto the tile which is what most customers choose. The second and more durable solution is to water jet cut into the actual floor tile. This means that the actual logo or initials are embedded into the tile and will be able to undergo many years of wear and tear without any peeling.

Interlocking Floor Tiles For Garage

Every homeowner has this everlasting will for redoing the garage. According to the Census Bureau, 76% of detached homes in the United States of America will have a garage or carport in 1997. With the housing bubble back in 2008, we can only anticipate that the percentages increased. Most homeowners will claim that their garage is too cluttered to fit a car. Now that you have cleared everything out and made room it’s time to cover the coarse cement flooring with plastic garage floor tiles. The flexibility of these tiles will allow for the perfect fit for whatever you look to transform your garage into. Man caves have become  real popular this holiday season and what could be more exciting to the NFL fan than to get chic flooring with their favorite teams decals.

Besides for the benefit of having quality flooring, there are many finishes that give the perfect look for a workstation or mechanic shop. The basic interlocking floor tiles will most likely come in a coin finish but there are other finishes which are smooth or have a pattern finish. For example, let’s say you are a car collector like Jay Leno, you might want to have diamond plate flooring but you just might not be able to afford all that metal sheeting. That’s where interlock rubber flooring can help. One of the many floor finishes comes in a metallic diamond plate. Keep the same rugged look at a tenth of the price.

Interlocking Floor Tiles For Home Gym

If you happen to rent an apartment you might find yourself limited on space and you keep looking for space saving solutions to maximize the limited space for the inhabitants. Due to the many COVID-19 restrictions many gyms have been closed down and people are simply out of shape. Yale Medicine found that people are gaining weight in quarantine and can put on 30 pounds real quickly. Here is an interesting fact which gym owners can pass onto their local municipalities. According to the CDC, 655,000 people die from heart disease in the United States every year and one in four deaths are related to heart disease. This dwarfs the current death stats relating to COVID-19. 

But gyms across the U.S. are still closed and many people are bringing exercise equipment into their homes. The question is where are they going to put their new Peloton bike? The last thing you want is to compromise on the wood flooring in a fancy upscale New York City loft. That’s where plastic interlocking tiles come in handy. You can simply place a small square footage of them anywhere in your home or apartment which will give the laminate flooring beneath perfect protection from your exercise machine. Every tile has a little space on the bottom that accepts the impact and relieves the weight from pressing directly against the flooring. Also the lighter you get the less impact will be on the floor. 

Interlocking Floor Tiles For Basement

Similar to garages most homeowners will neglect their basements. Either it’s not finished at all or there is some ugly carpeting which needs to go. You want to send your kids down there to go and play but it’s just missing that fun feeling. PVC floor tiles just might be the perfect economic solution to turn your basement into the ultimate playroom and keep the kids safe too. The rubber will likely reduce injuries that relate to falling by reducing the intensity of impact. At the same time one can create a fun pattern which is fun and playful. 

For older kids you might want to give the flooring in the basement more of a mature feeling by designing it like a game room. The interlocking floor tiles are perfect for heavy items like air hockey and ping pong tables to rest on. Soda spills can be easily cleaned up and you will find that the upkeep of such flooring is rather easy.

Final Words

When looking for an economical flooring solution for your next home makeover put interlocking PVC floor tiling on your list. They come in many colors and finishes that can match a variety of themes for man caves, game rooms, garages, and much more. Always make sure that when purchasing a large amount of square footage to sample the product first and inspect for quality and durability to know what you’re getting. Returning flooring can often be expensive and you want to get it right the first time. Make sure the brand you buy backs the product, so if it’s not holding up,  the flooring is covered under a warranty. Whatever flooring you choose keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am sure those Romans would have the loved plastic interlocking tiles in their bath houses.

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